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What did you choose in your own life?

Sharing the decisions you’ve made in your own life is the best way to help others make better decisions.

It’s all about Happiness.

icon1Everybody wants to be happy. We all want to feel good about where we are and where we’re going in life. We may not realize it but our desire for happiness is central to virtually everything we do. Happiness is both our prime motivator and our ultimate goal.

Action matters


We are all born with different brain chemistries. We all have different life circumstances that we face.

percentFor these reasons, people might believe that happiness is just something that happens to us. Studies show that 40% of happiness is within our control. We all have the power to become happier through our actions.





Before we act, we decide.

lightThe decisions we make are vital in shaping our lives. When we make a decision we rely on our imaginations to predict how good we’ll feel about a particular course of action. Unfortunately, the human brain tends to be consistently bad at this important task. When we decide according to our imaginations we make bad decisions that lead to less happiness.




The secret to better decisions is supererogation

imageSurrogation is a decision-making method that has been scientifically shown to be superior to the imagination. It replaces the flawed fantasy of imagination with concrete, real life experience of other people. Every decision you can possibly think of has already been made by someone else. For every decision there are people who have insight on whether or not a course of action is worth taking. Surrogation takes the hindsight gained from other people’s experience and converts it into foresight for you.



The best possible results.

image1In order to maximize the potency of surrogation, we have developed algorithms based on scientific research that match similar people. We select surrogates based on 15 unique psychological measures and 13 unique experience measures. Only the people most like you will provide you with experience.



Less regret

image2We have all heard people say that they have no regrets. These people usually go on to explain that they don’t regret the mistakes they’ve made because they’ve learned valuable lessons from them. With surrogation you can learn from other people’s mistakes without making the mistake yourself.



Sentio Search is a happiness engine

image3As a sentio search user you benefit from both the wisdom of the crowd and careful specialization. This gets you the strongest, most relevant data on which to base your decision-making. When you share your experience, you’re helping others make better decisions. Better decisions lead to better actions. Better actions lead to more happiness. More happiness for us all.